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Sep 14, 2016
32 new educational channels now available on DishTV

Keeping up the promise of providing maximum and quality entertainment to its subscribers and adding value to their money; 32 new educational channels launched by Ministry of Human Resource Development are now available to all DishTV subscribers, with the availability of these channels, DishTV, Asia's largest DTH brand has taking its total count to more than 585 channels and services which is highest in the industry.

The content of all of the 32 channels is unique and different in order to provide maximum information through the visual medium. With the focus on using space technology to expand reach, these channels will offer high quality educational content to all subscribers designed by central universities such as Jamia Millia Islamia, Punjabi University, IGNOU, Kashmir University and other leading educational institutions. The service will also offer telecast of live classroom lectures from top-notch institutions including the prestigious IIT.

Creating an educational content landscape, Mr. Arun Kumar Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer, DishTV said, "We support the Government's initiative of driving education through TV sets, and are delighted that the educational channels of Ministry of Human Resource Development are available to all DishTV subscribers. We feel proud and contented at the same time as we are reaching a new milestone of having more than 585 channels and services on our platform. With availability of these channels all DishTV subscribers have access to educational content."

The educational channels are available from channel number 2001 to 2032 on DishTV and Zing.

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