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Feb 08, 2011
Amit Chaturvedi adjudged as the WWIL Ace Employee of the Month

Mr. Amit Chaturvedi, Executive-Finance and Accounts ICNCL, Kolkata has been adjudged as the ACE Employee of the Month for November, 2010.

Mr. Amit Chaturvedi joined ICNCL in December and was faced with an arduous task of filling in gaps and instituting processes for management of Sales, Accounting and Collection of Carriage and Leasing Revenues for ICNCL and WWIL. Undaunted, Amit took up this challenge and set about his job with utmost motivation, commitment and a high sense of pride and purpose.

He continuously liaised with the broadcasters, carefully monitored Sales, accounting and collection functions and ensured that the collections were on track.

Amit not only executed the job well but had achievement levels higher than 100%.  For his commitment, dedication to the purpose & achievement of outstanding results, he has been recognized as ACE Employee for the Month of November, 2010. Amit's achievement of targets for Carriage and Leasing and AMC were 123% and 129% respectively for the month of November 2010.

Congratulations Amit! Keep up the good work.

Amit will be entitled to a lunch with the CEO, Trophy, Performance Certificate and movie tickets of his choice for 6 family members and eligibility to compete for the CEO's Trophy 2010-11.

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