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Jun 17, 2011
Apka Vote Apki Taqat - A Zee News Initiative

India's biggest and most widespread voter awareness Campaign for West Bengal Elections 2011 Aapka Vote Apki Taqat - Nation's biggest and most widespread voter awareness campaign to motivate Indian citizens, especially the youth, has been a continuous and sustainable effort on the part of Zee News from last three years to strengthen the world's biggest democracy.
The objective of the campaign is to reach out to urban as well as rural India, to educate citizens and to motivate them to exercise their power of vote and to choose the right candidate. It is carried out in association with the Election Commission of India which provides all necessary information on the electoral candidates.

This year the campaign was carried out during West Bengal elections 2011. The crux of the campaign was dissipating information about the electoral candidates to the voters and urging them to come out and vote. This was done with the help of a 360 degree marketing approach involving print, TV, online, radio, SMS and ground activations. Zee News also joined hands with youth organisations like - NSS and NYKS to increase participation of youth in the democratic process. 

This Campaign has added another star to the legacy of the brand and its responsibility as the fourth estate. It has achieved a record reach of app 3 crore through its marketing initiatives which have resulted in a record turn-out of voters in the history of West Bengal poll with 85% polling ( an increase by app 4 %). Zee News channel share in West Bengal increased from 13.6 to 16.5 and Zee News channel share in Calcutta increased from 10.8 to 13.4, as per TAM data, CS 15+, Wk 13 to 20. Zee News was also No.1 on Counting Day.

As quoted by Mr S.Y Qureshi, Chief Election Commissioner, "Zee News had presented this campaign to us and we are thankful to Zee News for turning this campaign into a mission."

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