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Dec 21, 2008
Baba Ramdevji visits Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Baba Ramdevji visits Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Swami Baba Ramdevji recently visited Mumbai and graced the sets of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa to bless the participants.

The man who suffered with paralysis during his childhood says that it was YOGA that helped him regain the full functionality of his body again. This man is Swami Baba Ramdevji who has reached million homes today with his Yoga camps on National television.

It was a blessed day for the participants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa when Swamiji came all the way to Mumbai to grace the sets and to bless the participants.

Shanti nahi Kranti Chahiye humein, the yoga master said waqt aa gaya hai jab goliyon ka jawab goliyon se dena hoga humein, his voice echoed. All Gods are one, it is we humans who have divided God in the name of religion. Islam does not preach terrorism. Anyone who kills in the name Allah is not a true Muslim. Such harsh words coming from a peace loving man like Baba Ramdevji actually go to show the extent of impact the terror attacks have had on the entire nation.

Babaji sang a couple of patriotic songs in his beautiful voice on the mentor's request. Not only this, he also gave solutions to the personal problems of the contestants. He showed some yoga tricks like Pranayam and Kapal bharti to a participant Vaishali whose husband has lost his speech post an accident.

Contestants this week pay homage to the Martyrs who fought for our nation in the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai. The theme is 'peace' and the contestants will be seen singing devotional songs.

Tune into Zee TV's Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009 to catch this action on Saturday at 10pm.

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