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Jul 02, 2014
Being No. 1 is in our DNA

As per the latest TAM data Daily News and Analysis (DNA), one of flagship news show of Zee News (part of India's largest News Network, Zee Media Corporation Limited) has emerged as the clear leader in the Hindi News genre. Source : TAM, Wk 25 CS 15+, Wk 25 (2100 - 2159 HRs, Weekdays, GTVTs (000s).

The News Show has consistently set standards in Hindi News Journalism with its independent voice, thought provoking reportage and threadbare analysis of the top news of the day. The program is hosted by one of the most renowned journalist Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary.  Under the guidance of Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary, the news show has managed to consistently deliver the numbers and become the viewer's choice.

As per the latest TAM report (Wk 25), the news show has grabbed maximum eyeballs and has been the leader. The latest viewership figures also proved that DNA is the most watched Hindi News show when it comes to deliver quality reportage of both national and international significance.  

The show - DNA aims to strengthen the credibility, trust, and resolve to be always on the side of the truth, through unbiased and faced-paced reporting and news coverage.

Zee News (4348 GTVTs) is ahead of Aaj Tak (3300 GTVTs) by 32 % and ABP News (2155 GTVTs) by 102%.  Source : TAM, HSM, CS15+, GTVTs (000s), Week 25 (2100-2159 hrs) Weekdays

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor, Zee News said, “DNA has acquired numero uno position due to informative and factual content that fulfils the need and expectations of the viewers, which is missing in the existing news channels. It is our constant endeavor to provide exclusive, intelligent and informative content. The show also brings forth updates of the latest happenings across the state, city and district level.  The USP of the show is the simplicity. It showcases the DNA test of every big news, which the Nation needs to know in a simple and uncomplicated manner, thus proving to be Nation's favorite News Classroom.”

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