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Jun 18, 2012
Blood donation drive by DNA

Marking World Blood Donor's Day on Thursday, 14th June, DNA had set up a Blood Donation Booth, powered by the State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) and in association with Korum Mall, Thane (W). The initiative aimed at influencing people who visited the mall towards this cause and generating awareness about the blood supply deficit in the state.

The Blood Donation activation was conducted along the main entrance of the mall in the SBTC medical bus by a group of 11 well trained medical staff in extremely hygienic conditions. Many visitors at the mall eagerly flocked to the stationed vehicle to aid us in our endeavor to improve social welfare. Potential donors walked in, registered and then had to undergo a few tests to check their eligibility to donate blood. Blood donors were then provided with biscuits and other refreshments. At the end of the activity, 35 people had donated blood and the drive was a huge success in terms of raising awareness. Through this drive organized by DNA, 12,250 ml of blood was collected! The blood collected will be stored at the Mahanagar Blood Bank and could be used by donors and family members for free for one whole year. Blood donors were awarded certificates and donor cards with which they could avail of the required blood from the blood bank.

Drives like these are essential in saving lives, especially for Thalassemia patients who require regular blood transfusions to survive. It was an overwhelming response from the mall visitors. DNA shall continue with initiatives like these in the future as they motivate more people to be socially responsible citizens and save countless lives.

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