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Aug 21, 2014
Breaking News, Broken Down

dna has launched a brand campaign focusing on its new format of news. dna underwent a complete revamp last year and re-launched as the NEWsPAPER. Over the past one year dna has introduced many firsts to its readers and has been proactive and agile to cater to the emerging reader requirements. Some of them are Graphic Novel, JBM - Just Before Monday, Celebrity Columnists, Special Interest Pages like Zeegnition, dna of Career, dna of Luxury, dna of Wealth, and many more.

With its new brand campaign, dna has clearly laid out its positioning as 'News for the Busy Indian'. With this as the core promise, dna aims to fulfill the dynamic reading habit of emerging young readers. The new format comes from an insight of how dna's young reader base react to breaking news. Their immediate reaction to any news story is to ask question - "Where?" "When" "How it impacts me? etc". Basis this strong insight, the new format has been inspired from the digital space and broken down in a Q&A format. This enables the reader to choose the information that they want to seek from the news. The news is decoded to disseminate the information in a simple and crisp manner yet provide vital and relevant news essential to their busy life.

The campaign launched from Monday, 18th Aug with its crisp messaging across various mediums.

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