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Oct 15, 2012
BSE Honors Subhash Chandra on completion of 20 Years of ZEE

October 12, 2012, a day to remember for Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as Subhash Chandra, Chairman, ZEE & Essel Group was honored for completing 20 years. It was a function filled with the presence of all senior dignitaries which included the likes of Shri S Ramadorai, Chairman, BSE, Ashish Chauhan, CEO, BSE, Vallabh Bhansali, Prashant Jain, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, , Ridham Desai and many other Senior people from the Banking & Investor Community.

Our Chairman began his speech by saying, "I am sure you know the journey of ZEE for the last 20 years. But what is not talked about is how we influenced and changed the way people look at their lives be it business or personal. There is a visible difference in the way people dress, talk and think today and what they did 20 years ago. Some people ask what is your plan for next 20 years? It is a dynamic industry and I cannot talk of the next 20 years but only for the next 5-7 years. At ZEE, from today's viewership of 670 million we aim to rise to become 1 billion before 2020. We hope to get your support in the coming times as well.

When asked about how he thought of bringing Entertainment to people's home, he said, "Our group had entered the Entertainment Business through our Amusement Park – Essel World. But the need was to bring Entertainment closer to home and our efforts began. We thought of placing 550 vans across the country to be played at a given time. But we were told that this would lead to a breakout by Cinema Owners. Next we thought of using old barges in the sea and telecast programs on big screens, even that failed. We did not give up, we thought of going up to the Nepal Border and beaming our programs. Finally when we took the suggestion of a good technician from DoorDarshan, Satellite was the only answer."

Talking about today's scenario, he said, "We must catch our viewer not only at home but even when he is travelling or doing anything else. Today, ZEE is available across the globe, in many devices. Before we went into movies, we went into Dish TV. We have to repurporse our content not only for Indian but global audiences." Highlighting on the sector, he said, "2.0 version is now starting for our industry. For value added programming we have to look at National Geography and History Channel. We have lots to be done for quality in programming and need to make new kind of programs. If we look back, the advertising rate that existed 10 years ago, exists even today due to lack of data, research and other reasons. All this will change and bring in the much required money which should again be reinvested in quality content creation."

The event started at 7 pm onwards with registration, followed by the lighting of Lamp ceremony by Subhash Chandra. This was followed by Welcome Address by Ashish Chauhan and Keynote Address by Shri S Ramadorai. Finally, Punit Goenka felicitated Shri S. Ramodorai and Ashok Chauhan. Further, there was an interactive session on 'Investment Outlook in the Media Sector', followed by Q&A. The event ended with Vote of Thanks by Punit Goenka followed by a gala dinner for all dignitaries.  The function was covered LIVE by Zee Business.

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