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Jul 04, 2013
Daily News and Views - a Landmark News Show Daily at 9:00 pm

Zee Media has created another history in Indian Television with the launch of a unique daily news show - "Daily News and Views". This one of its kind show is India's first complete interactive news show and will be telecasted daily on Zee News at 9:00 pm.

With "Daily News and Views", Zee Media wants to share the underlying thoughts and reasons behind various news. The in-depth analysis of various news nuggets coupled with viewer comments creates an interesting and informative News Show. Viewers' comments is collated through various interactive mediums including Video Calls from viewers, live feeds from social media (Twitter, Facebook, You Tube) and views by citizen experts. The show also features a news maker of the day and picture of the day or fact of the day.

The Indian news television industry is growing at a fast pace, but it is not reflective enough of the needs of the viewers. After a thorough research, Zee Media has identified this need and is trying to fulfill the void in News programming with the introduction of “Daily News and Views”. The USP of the show is selection of real news which touches viewer's life by means of thought embedded within and conveying the same in an interactive manner.

The show will be hosted by Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor, Zee News. He said, "The show is an attempt to go to the core of the news, giving it voice by verifying different angles of the story. Most importantly it will be completely interactive with multi-way communication where viewers' point of view will be shared through direct interaction and with social media usage."

"In a democracy, people's participation in any area is necessary and media is not different from it. This new show from Zee Media will be a game changer in terms of news presentation and how people think, because we at Zee News with our philosophy of "Soch Badlo, Desh Badlo" always believe it is important to change one's thought to change a nation.

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