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Dec 12, 2016
Delhi High Court Clears Digitization Hurdles

Delhi High Court has dismissed all remaining cases and cleared the path of digitization of DAS Phase 3 areas in the country. Last month the Court had over-ruled the orders passed by various other High Courts and vacated the stay granted for extension of digitization in DAS Phase 3 for 8 other cases.

DAS Phase 3 implementation deadline of 31st December 2015 had been impacted due to stay orders granted by various High Courts. Basis Ministry of Information Broadcasting's recommendation, in April, the Supreme Court had transferred all cases related to extension of DAS Phase 3 deadline filed in various High Courts to the Delhi High Court, thus making it a Designated Court for all related matters.

The Honourable Delhi High Court, while disposing off all pending petitions, has directed all petitioners to run a scroll on their networks about digitization and switch off analog signals in 2 weeks. All petitioners have also been directed to inform, the change-over from analogue to digital signals, to all their subscribers in advance.

With this order, there is no roadblock for Digitization in DAS Phase 3 areas. This would lead to better services and choice for customers. It also would bring in further transparency to the industry.

While welcoming the judgement, Mr. VD Wadhwa, Executive Director and CEO of SITI Networks Limited mentioned, "With this order, all remaining hurdles in the path of Digitization, have now been removed by the Honorable Delhi High Court. This is a landmark moment in the Digital India journey as it will also clear the passage for timely implementation of DAS Phase 4 of digitization.

Industry had been suffering due to pending litigation and with this welcome move all hurdles have been cleared. It is now obligatory on part of Broadcasters and other players to disconnect analogue signals within 2 weeks."

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