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Dec 05, 2013
Dish TV "APARAJITA" - Empowering Girl Child

It is said that when you educate a man you educate an individual and when you educate a women you educate a nation- Dish TV Asia's largest DTH service provider not only strongly proves this statement right, but also has taken steps to empower girl child like never before. The initiative named as "APARAJITA" focuses to promote & empower girl child on the grounds of education, employability, health and safety, Empowerment, material support, Extra Curricular activities & Mentoring and coaching. This Campaign was launched in October.

APARAJITA campaign was launched in October & received a splendid response from Dish TV employees where they contributed their best to spread happiness to this Nobel cause. it is an employee's initiative driven by employees. A Taskforce of volunteers is formed to take up various initiatives. Bulk donations were collected in form of clothes, jewelry, toys etc. Aparajita task force hereby spent an unforgettable day with these underprivileged girls. All the children along with the Dish TV team had fun n frolic. They decorated the place, played various games, and distributed the donations that were collected.

Not only this, 25 girls were given an opportunity to visit Dish TV corporate office and the day chosen was none other than 14th November'2013 the children's day. The kids had a gala time at office's auditorium. They sang, played various games, and danced on the tunes of famous numbers. All the kids were then made feel special by the employees of Dish TV as they were made to take a tour in Dish TV's corporate office. In the end all the kids were made to watch blockbuster movie “Chennai Express”.

In future, Dish TV will continue its journey with APARAJITA to contribute in the overall development of Girl Child through different activities. This would revolve around in Supporting Girl Child in their education, their safety, health measures, mentoring and coaching them in various aspects of life. The task force will also help and stop the abuses which a girl face day to day basis. Not only this, Dish TV employees will also run for the cause i.e. employees will run in Delhi's Half Marathon.

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