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Dec 09, 2016
Dish TV Reinforces its Commitment to its Trade Partners

As businesses, consumers, and the common man brave the spiraling effect of demonetization, there are both, genuine concerns as well as optimism around the bold step taken by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

Though much is being done by the state administrative machinery, the sheer size of the impact seems to be guzzling up the efforts of the government.

Dish TV, the leader in the Direct-to-home space in the country had way back in 2003, pioneered the introduction of a prepaid model of revenue collection and to further harness that, had introduced prepaid cards for its trade partners.

As online transactions, credit cards and a cash less society become buzz words today, Dish TV takes pride in having a subscriber base wherein more than 40% of its customers do online recharge transactions with it. As far as B2B transactions are concerned, Dish TV has them all cashless as well.

In this crucial hour of demonetization, Dish TV has further reinforced its commitment to its trade partners. In a move aimed at providing the much needed working capital support during periods of cash crunch, Dish TV has declared an immediate settlement of outstanding receivables of all its trade vendors having balances upto Rs. 5 lacs.

Coming forward in support of its vendors, Mr. Jawahar Goel, CMD, Dish TV India Limited, said, "Strong trade relationships are the foundation of any business. Our suppliers have always given their best to meet our stringent quality standards and sometimes tight delivery timelines. As the country faces the demonetization challenge, we are right in the middle of Phase 4 of digitization. We feel it is our duty to support our vendors at this juncture."

Dish TV has certainly gone out of the way to ensure its business partners stay afloat during this period of test and eventually come out stronger than before in their commitment to Dish TV and its success.

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