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Jan 18, 2012
Dish TV's New Brand Campaign: 'Dish Sawaar Hai'

Dish TV has consistently achieved market leadership and the challenge was to now become thought leaders in the world of media and entertainment.

The communication strategy for the brand was to align the brand's core promise to appeal to the thought leaders in TV entertainment consumption, the immersed passionate viewer.

The thought came from a strong consumer insight. “People who are really passionate about their entertainment do not let anything come in the way of their entertainment & hence never compromise when it comes to their TV experience.” Hence the idea is to position Dishtv as a brand which enables the immersed passionate viewer to keep his passion alive. The campaign starts with a montage of situations which captures Dishtv various segments of viewers and how passionate they are about their entertainment.

The need to move to a new brand space is coming at an appropriate time when the brand needs to increase bonding and affinity with consumers.

The creative expression of the new brand thought is DISH SAWAAR HEIN. Dish Sawaar Hai is a consumer's reflection of the passion for entertainment which is aptly reflected in the campaign. This also set the tone to launch an exciting brand song integral to SRK representing the brand.

Website: (Specially designed for Campaign, Includes Fun zone, TVC, Games and Many more)

You tube Link for the TVC:

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