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Jun 24, 2015
DishTV successfully concludes a healthy yoga week to commemorate #InternationalYogaDay

DishTV has successfully concluded a healthy yoga week to commemorate International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015. The employees of DishTV took active participation in yoga and other health inspired activities. We also took the initiative to spread the word to millions of our subscribers about the benefits of this 5,000-year-old mental, physical and spiritual practice. We conducted sessions to make our employees aware of the benefits of yoga. It not only makes the body flexible but helps to lead a stress free and healthy life in today's stressful environment. Yoga will help to train the mind and be instrumental in beginning a new era of world peace.

As a record-breaking 37,000 people took part in the early morning event at Rajpath in the heart of New Delhi, DishTV aired the entire event live for all its subscribers through a default landing channel. We also conducted 2 one-hour Yoga sessions at the office premises for employees to be a part of this healthy initiative.

To further embody the spirit of Yoga Day, we ran a series of social media posts targeting thousands of young Indians to emphasize on Yoga's health and spiritual benefits, and even urged them to join the movement by posing the question #DoyouYoga?

The week was eventful with specially created videos being aired on the home-channel Buzz and by running a scroll to create awareness on the penultimate day. DishTV teams were deputed at various school venues, where Zee Learn was celebrating Yoga Day, to distribute pin-up flags and car stickers to spread awareness among the participants.

Bringing alive the Ministry of AYUSH's thought of 'living life to its full potential'; DishTV shared yoga tips through various internal communication channels.

To celebrate the first ever International Day of Yoga, the DishTV family came together and committed itself to a cause that not will not only pave the way for a healthier but also a more fulfilled human race.

Click on the link below to watch the DishTV videos on International Yoga Day

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