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Nov 11, 2016
DishTV takes steps in Sync with Indian Government's initiative to demonetize 500 & 1000 notes

In sync with the Indian Government's decision to discontinue Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes and yet to bring ease during temporary hardship to its subscribers, DishTV has introduced extended credit to customers. This is to ensure continued entertainment and news for its millions of customers across the country.

•    DishTV has given option to its subscribers to extend payment date to recharge DishTV connections.

•    DishTV operates through more than two thousand distributers and franchises and 2.5 lac plus dealers. 100% of DishTV transactions with its direct trade partners are through electronic payment modes. Around 27% of customer recharges are through online means including mobile apps and all popular E-Wallets.

•    DishTV is also allowing temporary extension of credit for its distributors and trade partners for the next few days basis credit rating analysis of its customers.

These steps are aimed to bring ease to the customers and enable continuous entertainment and connectivity (with news and happenings) through easy recharge in the comfort of their homes.

With these steps, Dish TV has minimized impact on business to less than 5% on 9th November and envisages normal business trends going forward.

On this Mr. Jawahar Goel, Chairman & Managing Director, DishTV said "We appreciate the bold and positive move to tackle the menace of black money. We are in sync with the cause which in the long term will impact the economy positively. To support the common public in the prevailing situation, we have introduced special benefits to our patrons which will provide them continuity in entertainment and convenience of transactions in the present scenario."

DishTV is also undertaking education and awareness campaign on its platform on these initiatives.

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