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Feb 05, 2014
DISHTV voted as India's Most Trusted DTH Brand

In a category which is governed by entertainment and innovation, DISHTV, Asia's largest Direct-to-home (DTH) service provider has been voted as the 'Most Trusted Brand' by Trust Research Advisory (TRA) in their report 'Brand Trust Report - 2014'. The report is the fourth edition of TRA's yearly efforts. It encompasses the trust vested by 2505 respondents on unaided recall (3 brands each) over 16 cities. Previously, in TRA's report of 'India's Most Attractive Brands 2013', DISHTV had been voted as the 'Most Attractive DTH Brand'. Taking into consideration over 1000 brands across categories, DISHTV has been ranked 147th and 325th for trust and attractiveness respectively. It has been a great achievement for the Brand as its likeability quotient has transitioned into faith entrusted in it by consumers.


Trust Research Advisory (TRA), a part of the Comniscient Group, is a company dedicated to understanding and simplifying concepts related to Trust. Committed to create metrics for efficient resource allocation for brands spends, TRA owns the global copyrights for the Brand Trust matrix.



The Trust Matrix consists of three basic foundations each of which is further divided into attributes which are namely 'Building capacity to trust', 'Creating perception to trust' and 'Displaying relevant competence'. 'Building capacity to trust' is about display of empathy, reinforcing a non-threatening ambience and showcasing of shared interest. On the other hand, 'Creating perception of positive intent' is reflected when the Brand works for a socially beneficial cause with highest degree of transparency. Lastly, 'Displaying relevant competence' takes into consideration several tangible aspects like accountability, high skill, leadership, values and personality of the brand.


Every time a Brand has a human interface, it arouses deep-rooted physical, psychological, sociological and cultural reactions in the person, exerted as a 'force of attraction' by the Brand. The Attractiveness quotient has been classified into four appeals namely rational, emotional, communication and aspirational. A Brand should communicate with certain emotional maturity, positivity, hope, creativity and should direct its ambition towards a holistic approach


It has been a wonderful year for DISHTV as well as their subscribers who have vested their trust in the Brand. After winning the 'Most Attractive DTH Brand' and 'Most Trusted DTH Brand' titles, the Brand has definitely taken a stride into the lives of consumers. In the future too, DISHTV would walk that extra mile to spread more and more smiles, touch millions of lives with absolute dedication to customer service and earn not just customers but admirers.

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