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Jul 25, 2014
dna on Cloud 9

ZMCL's print arm celebrates its 9th anniversary on 26th July.

Last year saw dna shed its baggage of being categorized as a newspaper with a sole purpose of fighting competitive battles, to become an access-vantage that first and foremost exists for the reading consumer it caters to anytime, anywhere. The metamorphosis involved a new, youthful, vibrant masthead logo, ergonomic and easy to navigate page layout designed with infographics, crisper reportage and far more intuitive content to bring communities together through news, opinions and most importantly a utilitarian perspective to all that it covers.

The last year also saw dna roll out a robust series of initiatives that only promises to grow bigger and better:

  • more customized content – special pages on women, travel, careers, education, luxury, automobiles and more
  • launch of JBM (Just Before Monday) the new Sunday pages in dna
  • dna Shadow Editorial Board – that invites students to share their vision of a modern, youthful and relevant paper of the future
  • dna Hunt for the next best seller which seeks unpublished writers to become celebrated authors
  • dna ICAN Women's Half Marathon, dna's biggest event only gets bigger

The year additionally saw dna win big time at the INK awards with campaigns from its in-house creative team.

As the young and intrinsically active brand turns 9, dna pays homage to the 'light bulb' moments that change the way we see things. The stellar Insights Issue dwells upon the hows and whys of the world around us as it explores stories that make for 'A-Ha' moments in our lives and what inspires us to ponder over the 'Eureka moment'.

dna will celebrate the finer insights of the AHA moments of life with a stellar INSIGHTS ISSUE on Saturday, the 26th of July to commemorate its 9th anniversary.

This year, dna looks forward to more insightful engagements and content that aims at connecting with every single stakeholder and everyone they influence.

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