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May 09, 2012
DNA ranks amongst India's most informative and read print dailies - The Brand Trust Report India 2012

The Brand Trust report 2012, maps trust scores basis 61 primary components and ranks brands accordingly.

The 2718 respondents to this survey were Influencers of society, all SEC AB, proficient in English & salaried. Besides trust scores, these influencers ranked the media that influenced them.

Basis these, DNA has been ranked India's 2nd most informative newspaper, India's 2nd most read newspaper & India's 3rd most trusted newspaper brand.

A lot has moved in the last year for DNA, leading to these trust scores. The Mumbai edition's ramp up to 6 Lakhs copies a day, continued reader centricity led by quality journalism, path breaking engagement initiatives coupled with the Indore edition launch. The survey has ranked DNA well & placed the brand on a national pedestal.

Should trust matter to advertisers while making a media plan?

Explains Gautam Dalal, VP, Marketing, DNA "At the core of every brand lies trust. A seasoned marketer would agree, that increased trust in a media brand leads to growing readership / viewership & eventually high response. Advertisers in DNA over the last year, have experienced this already."

Given the limitations of the IRS survey, led by it's fieldwork to report lag of 12-18 months, the conscious media buyer will look for additional inputs to build an intelligent media plan. It's yet another reinforcement to choose DNA, not just for Mumbai, but national media plans also.

DNA was present in just 6 of the 15 cities surveyed, yet it managed to overtake some of oldest regional & national players. In an overall ranking of 17000 brands, DNA was placed at a high of 399, India's 3rd most trusted newspaper brand.

Principles always came first to DNA. Under the platform of 'Principles First' DNA has recently published it's journalistic code of ethics (Only the 2nd newspaper brand of India to do so) followed shortly by it's business principles. The brand has been harping about principles for some time now; the trust scores are really an echo of the same.

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