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Feb 04, 2014
Dr. Bhaskar Das, Group CEO-News, talks about ZEEL's new positioning on INMA's Ideas Blog

The International News Media Association (INMA) is the world's leading provider of global best practices for news media companies looking to grow revenue, audience, and brand amid profound market change. Their popular blog - Ideas Blog captures the practical discussions and case studies of news media companies to grow revenue, audience, and brand. These case studies are written by INMA members for INMA members. Dr. Bhaskar Das a member of INMA and Group CEO-News, Essel Group features in this blog.

Please find below the complete article for your reference, where Dr. Das talks about ZEEL's new brand positioning and vision 2020.

Launched in 1992, brand ZEE has earned global recognition in its reign over the media and entertainment industry for the past 20 years.

Being a global brand, ZEE entertains more than 700 million viewers across the world. ZEE also enjoys a presence in 169 countries, offering a rich bouquet of 34 channels in the domestic market, and 33 dedicated international channels for the overseas markets.

In this journey of more than 20 years, brand ZEE has not only formed a family of millions of viewers, but has also enriched the lives of all the internal as well as external stakeholders, including the shareholders, bankers, investors, employees and business partners.

ZEE considers each one of these stakeholders as family and aims to make the entire world a part of this family.

Having evolved as a global brand, in 2013 we identified a strong need to enhance brand ZEE's perception amongst the target group. We needed to differentiate the brand from the rest of the media brands, taking a clear stance and assuring a strong brand promise.

Building a brand is nothing but bringing a multi-faceted organisation behind one simple idea. The corporate brand team at ZEE delved further into the brand's persona in a search of that idea. The three key elements, which the brand team finalised, to create a global brand statement, were:

1. The statement should establish a strong global presence of the brand.
2. The statement should differentiate brand ZEE from the other global media brands.
3. The statement should establish a strong emotional connect with the target group.

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” as a concept conveys this message: “Only small men discriminate saying, 'One is a relative; the other is a stranger.' For those who live magnanimously, the entire world constitutes but a family.”

The magnitude of this global statement resonated brand ZEE's approach towards the entire world. Hence “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is My Family” has been incorporated as the brand positioning for ZEE.

With an attempt to create a unified brand positioning for the entire media group, this brand positioning was also extended to cover the group's news and digital business verticals under one umbrella brand – ZEE Media.

In an attempt to further establish the brand positioning amongst its target group across the world, the corporate brand team launched a brand film, based on the theme of “Celebrating Togetherness.”

The film beautifully reflects the essence of ZEE's brand image, conveying that it has been a cultural ambassador of India to millions of viewers across the globe for more than two decades.

Going forward, the strategic route adopted by brand ZEE is to create intellectual properties in the knowledge and leadership space. Our ZEE Leadership Series 2013, for example, featured global speakers and personalities like Captain Richard Phillips and Fredrik Haren. The series delivered their speeches to high-profile corporate audiences.

ZEE was also the proud presenter of the world's largest literature festival, ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2014.

The brand has also been selected by the esteemed faculty of INSEAD to be included as a case study for its global students' community, wherein the brand's success strategy can be studied further. ZEE is also working towards creating a Harvard Business Review Case Study.

These case studies will reflect upon how this media brand has consistently delivered more than 25% compound annual growth rate returns to its shareholders and investors. The brand will also work on a Blue Ocean Strategy module, by creating an innovation cell within ZEE, consisting of broadcasters, advertisers, senior media professionals, and value metric experts.

The brand has envisioned a goal to be ranked amongst the top-10 global media brands by the year 2020. ZEE also aims at enhancing its reach to a billion viewers by the said year, and is strategically taking all the required steps to march ahead towards the set goals.

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