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May 28, 2014
Dr. Subhash Chandra, ZEEL & Essel Group Chairman, meets Pakistan PM, Nawaz Sharif as ZEEL announces its new Hindi GEC - Zindagi

As Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, the world's leading television network with 700-plus million viewers in 170 countries, prepares to launch its latest channel 'Zindagi' next month, primarily with content from Pakistan, Dr Subhash Chandra, Chairman, ZEEL & Essel Group, met with the visiting Pak Prime Minister Mr Nawaz Sharif, in New Delhi on Monday afternoon, and showcased a glimpse of the channel to Mr Sharif.

This was a true 'Jodey Dilon Ko' moment, which is also the channel proposition.

The launch of Zindagi is significant in many ways as it is not just an entertainment channel but a philosophy that will help Indians empathise with the lives of those across the geographical borders. Zindagi reinforces the vision of ZEE's corporate philosophy 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World Is My Family' and aims to unite people in India and across the world with shows produced overseas.

Entertainment is seamless as it cuts across boundaries and across stratas of society. With the message of 'Jodey Dilon Ko', Zindagi will touch hearts and break barriers to relate with people living across borders. As the first-ever national launch for a Hindi language channel, the objective is to continue to deliver and spread strong human values through hand-picked content across the world.

Starting June 23, Zindagi will bring viewers in India stories from across the border, starting with stories from Pakistan that embrace universal emotions. A variety of shows, written by award-winning novelists, literary stalwarts and adapted from famous novels and books, will engage audiences as a fresh alternative on television.

Zindagi is a first in its category of Hindi GECs and another first that ZEE is trying to bring to its viewers. It will offer alternative fiction content suitable for Indian sensibilities and produced by global content creators. The mutual respect that audiences share for the culture and talent from across the borders will surely go a long way to build a new model of entertainment, inspiring generations to come.

Being launched on June 23, Zindagi will be available 24 hours on both Analog and Digital (DTH and digital cable) platforms in India.

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