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Jun 01, 2011
'Ekonkar' celebrates first anniversary on Zee Punjabi

Giving Punjabi viewers an enlightened perspective of Sikhism and its true values, 'Ek Onkaar' - India's first of its kind devotional-Live-TV-show completes a year today on Zee Punjabi.

Launched on June 1, 2011 this 2 hours devotional show is anchored by renowned celebrity Gurpreet Singh, who had played a lead role in Punjabi Film 'Baba Banda Singh Bahadar'.

Telecast between 5 am to 7 am, daily, the show has become very popular among Punjabi audience across the globe and received accolades and appreciations from various religious groups and Sikh institutions.

"Ekonkar enlightens the viewers on the true perspective of Sikhism and it's true value, this is a great devotional programme any channel has ever launched" says Gyani Gurbachan Singh, Jathedaar, Akal Takhat Sahib and appreciating the efforts he congratulated the entire team of Zee Punjabi on the first anniversary of the show.

Divided in various segments for a rich presentation 'Ekonkar' opens up with 'Amrit Bani' ie Gurbani Kirtan of one hour by eminent Raagis from a specially designed set, followed by Hukamnaama from Akal Takht in 'Gurprasaad'.

Viewers have darshans of historical Gurudwaras in 'Guru Ghar' and draw religious understanding from 'Dharam Vichaar' as eminent Sikh scholars not only discuss religious issues but also bring into limelight social issues from foeticide (saving girl child) to saving environment. Queries from viewers are also addressed strictly in accordance with 'Sikh Rehat Maryaada' and after this Sikh preachers enlighten the audience spiritually in 'Hari ki Katha'.  

Introduced for the first time in the history of television 'Khalsa Khabran' first of its kind religious news mini bulletin pertaining to Sikh world also completes a year with Ekonkar.
In a nutshell "Its a great spiritual and devotional treat for the Punjabi souls finding solace from Sikhism" says Sanjay Vohra, Editor Zee Punjabi.

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