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Jan 30, 2012
Electoral Awareness Campaign for first time Voters – A Zee Punjabi Initiative

'Meri Pehli Sarkar' a campaign launched by Zee Punjabi, on Zee Punjabi and for Zee Punjabi viewers is an exclusive initiative of the channel to promote electoral awareness among youth in the age group of 18-21 yrs who will exercise their franchise for the first time in these assembly elections.

Media is recognized as the fourth pillar of democracy. Realizing the function of media is not only to entertain but also to inform and educate, Zee Punjabi went to colleges and involved students into its campaign 'Meri Pehli Sarkaar'. In this programme reporter interacted with students-First timer voters, and asked them to unveil their mind through debate and discussions in an amicable environment as to what kind of political representative should represent people in the government.

In other words 'Meri Pehli Sarkar' is an open exercise to know from youth the trait of an ideal political leader and expectations from government as a first time voter.
Further, to reinforce the importance of each vote, a new segment 'Vote Di Takat' was also introduced on the channel which runs sound bytes of known public faces/eminent personalities/leaders/celebrities highlighting the  power of vote in shaping the country.

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