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May 06, 2016
Essel Group Middle East has successfully completed supply of relief materials to Libya and Yemen

EGME's subsidiary, Gee Square Holdings SRL, Milan (Italy) has been termed and recognised as the first and only company to have successfully completed the supply of relief materials to war-torn Libya and Yemen.
EGME'S Gee Square was awarded the most unrealistic and mammoth task to supply health hygiene kits in Marsa Al Brega in Libya by one of the United Nation's associated relief agencies- 'ACTED'. Even in most difficult logistic conditions with no active port available in Libya, EGME'S team achieved the task successfully and have helped thousands of families in the war-torn nation.

In our latest achievement, EGME'S team was awarded the task of supplying urea to farmers at 19 different locations in an active war situation in Yemen by United Nation's agency FAO. At EGME we were very excited and yet unsure of successfully achieving the task, as there is no law and order in country and Yemen cities and ports were regularly targeted by Saudi led coalition forces.

The story is worth sharing with the Essel family.

As EGME was given the task by FAO (UN), we shipped 311 MT (6220 bags) of the first shipment of urea to Aden. Our shipment was rerouted to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by Saudi led coalition forces and was thoroughly checked several times by many agencies suspecting the cargo's purpose. Our team at EGME handled and negotiated the matter in the most professional manner and got it shipped again from Jeddah to Aden after 21 days.

New issues were awaiting us at Aden port, our cargo was now being stopped by the Yemen government suspecting the purpose of the cargo and they checked each of the 6220 bags and took samples to the labs in Yemen disregarding the supporting documents and previous analysis of the material. It took another 15 days for our team to reach them in Aden port and negotiate out of this situation. Next, we started truck loadings for the 19 locations as advised by FAO. The delivery locations in Yemen were in the most dangerous places. Most areas were occupied by the rebels, and the trucks were stopped and hijacked several times. During the last delivery the truck driver was held and jailed by the Saudi allied forces and all the goods were offloaded from the truck. It was only due to the EGME'S team's effort and contacts that 6220 bags were delivered successfully to their respective locations. (8 locations with Tarmac road and 11 locations on donkeys).

Gee Square Holdings SRL, a group company of Essel Group Middle East was founded in March 2015. The company is an approved vendor of United Nations and have successfully supplied relief materials to various relief agencies such as FAO, UNICEF, UNMISS, ACTED, UNRWA, UNHCR AND WFP. Its relief products range from hygiene kits and galvanized sheets to education kits and food, and it has sent supplies to support relief efforts in a number of countries including war-torn countries like Yemen, Libya, Lebanon and developed nations like Italy and Thailand. In the last eleven months the company has executed projects worth Rs. 14 crores.

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