Essel Propack - AMESA wins numerous awards

Essel Propack Ltd. received "Certificate of Appreciation" from J&J India for  being the best supplier from among shortlisted 160 suppliers in August 2013
Essel Propack was awarded the Best Quality towards Zero Defect Journey with J & J in 2012
At the India Star 2012 Awards National Award for "Excellence in Packaging", Essel Propack received recognition for:

  • Seri Natural Co-Ex Tube Malt-Gloss Screen Printed Tube in Fusion Printing. Essel Propack has introduced Plastic-Coextruded tubes with fusion printing (combination printing). The precise registration control and high quality image details from 1st print to the last print is possible. Photo finish quality can be obtained which enhances brand value of the package. Such prints on the plastic co-extruded tubes acts as a visual magnate. It is eco-friendly as fusion printing uses less hazardous chemicals.
  • Shadowz Tube with Safety Seal. The Plastic Co-extruded tubes for Pharmaceutical applications. They provide excellent light, and moisture barrier, reduced active ingredient / aroma absorption. To avoid duplication, the tube has a cap with safety Seal. Only after breaking this safety seal, can one use the product. This helps in preventing the entry of spurious products in the market.
  • Go Cheese Tubes. “Cheese Tubes” can be printed with innovative graphic designs that provide eye catching print and attract the targeted consumer age group with graphics containing different themes. Being a light-weight plastic container, the tube is unbreakable and child-user friendly. Also the tubes require less space and thus making them easily portable. The pack is eco-friendly and cost effective.
  • Essel Propack's Fragrance Tubes. Tubes with the presence of fragrance in them making them more appealing and distinctive from others giving unique identity to the product, can help to create increase brand awareness, as a marketing tool. Fragrance Packaging acts as a sampling vehicle for the consumer and prevents tampering with the product in order to see what it smells like.

Essel Propack was given the First Award in the Flexible Packaging category in 2011 and the Second Award in this category in 2012 by the HP Global team

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