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Apr 05, 2011
Essel Propack Consolidates its Operations in USA

Essel Propack USA has consolidated its operations in USA. In US, company had two facilities in Danville, Virginia one dedicated for laminated tubes and other for plastic tubes. The plastic tube facility which is located 5 miles away from the existing facility of laminated tubes operation in Danville has been relocated into the existing leased laminated tubes facility. The facility adds 110,000 sq ft to the current one and will house the laminated tube, plastic tube and printing operations under one roof.

Globally Essel Propack is consolidating and integrating its business to drive synergies in operations, drive down cost and simplifying the process and logistics. The integration of laminated and plastic tube facility is one of the steps in that direction. The integration of operations in single premises will bring operational synergies helping to improve productivity, cut duplicating establishment costs and bring economics of scale. The facility has provision for further expansion depending on the market demands.

Mayor Saunders of City of Danville, Virginia inaugurated the Essel Propack Americas' expanded facility at Danville, Virginia in the presence of State and City Officials, Customers, Suppliers and the bankers.

"This is the fourth expansion in 8 years of Essel Propack in Danville. We appreciate the continued preference of Essel Propack to invest in Danville and fully support the Company in all its future plans for growth" said Mayor Saunders.

In his inaugural speech Mr. Ashok Goel, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Essel Propack said "We reiterate our commitment to successfully grow in this market in line with the expectations of our stakeholders". Mr. Goel added, "We are committed to maintain our leadership position in the business".

"This integration will give an opportunity to rationalize overhead costs, leverage on the technical capabilities of the business and provide more room for future growth" said Mr. R. Chandrasekhar, President (Americas and Europe) of Essel Propack.

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