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Feb 27, 2014
Essel Propack North America takes home 3 wins in the Tube Council's Tube of the Year Awards

Essel Propack's North America region has clinched three winning spots in the Tube Council's 2013 Tube of the Year Awards. The winning categories were for pharma and oral care. Selection of the wining tube for each category was complex; judges considered the design of the tube, the level and complexity of the decoration, closure selection, dispensing features and other aspects which positioned one tube among others in its category to be the leading submission.

Equate Acne Foaming Wash was the winner in the Pharma category. The Equate Acne Foaming Wash utilizes a plastic barrier laminate that was custom constructed to maintain the stability and strength of the highest strength of Benzoyl Peroxide used in this product. One plus to the plastic based laminate (PBL), is that it has no memory, after squeezing the tube regains its shape. Flexo, hot foil printing was used to achieve this shelf standout. With the high luster look from the hot foil decoration, this tube easily grabs the attention of a potential consumer passing through the aisle. The cap of this high-end decorated tube is a 2-inch dispensing white cap to allow the consumer the ease of applying the product. It balances the colors and hot foil stamping used on the tube to create an elegant and classy look.

The runner-up in the Pharma category was Rexall Lubricating Jelly. This tube showcases a design that is typically ideal for a labeled tube, but with sophisticated machinery is accomplished in a 6-color offset print. Achieving the decorative vignettes on this tube takes precision and highly skilled printing technicians. The artwork is comprised of vibrant colors and a complex design that aren't often seen in generic over-the-counter products, which makes this tube a stand out competitor against other brands. This tube is expertly extruded from mono PE material that makes post-consumer recycling easy and lightweight to allow effortless squeezing and dispensing of product. It has a natural cap that brings out the lively colors and design of the tube.

In the Dentrifice category, the runner-up was Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry. It is locked in by using a new generation plastic barrier laminate (PBL) with an EVOH barrier. It takes a special inner lined barrier (IBL) to ensure flavor retention, which is extremely important to the customer. The tube is printed using our patented High Definition printing technique to exquisitely illustrate the almost photo realistic strawberries on this tube. The strawberry vignettes don't get filled in with the patented HD printing technology, so they maintain their exact likeness on each tube. The oriented cap is a volcano style to ensure small dispensability on the child's toothbrush and a top seal to help maintain the strawberry flavor of the toothpaste. Staying in line with the company's strong core value of keeping its packaging as recyclable as possible, all scrap from the tube making process is saved, which is eventually made into tote bags!

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