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Mar 11, 2014
Essel Vision all set for its new film "YASHWANTRAO CHAVAN" releasing on 14th March

The visionary behind a modern, progressive Maharashtra, an ardent follower of the Gandhi & Nehru thought, a strong crusader for democratic principles, the man behind building the reputation of Maharashtra as an efficient land of the people across India, a visionary leader who put Indian politics & political intelligence on a world map with his actions.  The thrilling & dramatic journey of this man's life on the big screen – YashwantraoChavan: A chronicle of a storm - is a collaboration between Maharashtra Government &YashwantraoChavanPratishthan.The feature will be presented on the big screen in partnership with EsselVision on the 14th March, 2014 across Maharashtra.

This is the tale of the creator of a modern & progressive Maharashtra. Somebody who carried with him immense national pride, intense progressive thought, selfless social work, public opinion, understanding, clean administration and clean character. On the basis of these stellar qualities, YashwantraoChavan proved Maharashtra to be an efficient, people-oriented state. It was this efficiency that put Indian politics and political intelligence on the world map. This is his saga.

Born to a poor family in a small village called Devrashtre in the Karhad district, Yashwantrao joined the freedom struggle as a school boy. With a strong belief in the thought that India can progress and get modernized with the Gandhi-Nehru principles, he devoted himself to All India Congress. With his courage, intellect and efficiency, Yashwantrao reached the summit of National politics.

There were many instances where the State and the Center faced volatile problems & situations. Time & again, Yashwantrao took on the responsibility of handling these situations. The progress and success of Maharashtra was always his dream. But he was of the belief that if the country scales new heights, Maharashtra will grow with it.  With this philosophy & agenda, Yashwantrao became the Parliamentary Seceratary and then went on to become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and then on to being the Defense Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister and Minister for External Affairs. These were key responsibilities which Yashwantrao fulfilled effortlessly.

That this knightly, able Marathi leader who was born on the banks of River Krushna and was at the core of the formation of Maharashtra couldn't become the country's Prime Minister is a great disappointment that Maharashtra will always feel. Needless to say that Yashwantrao's life was rough, notable and thrilling. The graph of his dramatic journey from remote Maharashtra to the national canvas is 'YashwantraoChavan: A chronicle of a storm.'

Celebrated senior filmmaker DrJabbar Patel has taken on the ambitious task of presenting the story of great personality YashwantraoChavan – a story rife with Maharashtra's socio-political, art, literature and cultural development.

To present Yashwantrao's glorious life in a limited time span of restricted hours was an unparalleled challenge for a screenplay writer. The challenge was taken on by senior journalist, writer Arun Sadhu, who has penned the screenplay and the dialogues for the film. Actor Ashok Lokhande will be portraying the iconic leader on screen while experimental theater actor  LubanaSalim will portray Yashwantrao's wife Venutai. The film will also see actors Om Bhutkar, VaishaliDabhade, Meena Naik, RekhaKamat, Surpiya Vinod, SatishAlekar, Rahul Solapurkar, YashpalSarnath and Benjamin Gilani play key characters.

Popular actor Nana Patekar will be seen in a significant role in the film.

The growth in literature, the significance of folk music and folk art during the formative years of Maharashtra demanded the music of the film be in tandem with the ethos of those times. Music director AnandModak adds musical notes to the words of noted poets like VinayakKarandikar, Kusumagraj, ShahirAnnabhauSathe, ND Mahanor and VithabaiChavan. Singers like Shankar Mahadevan, RavindraSathe, RaghunandanPanshikar, ArtiAnklikar, ShrikantKulkarni, AnandShinde, NandeshUmap, VibhawariApte, UrmilaDhangar feature on the film's soundtrack that gives you a wholesome preview of the art & culture of Maharashtra. Camera by Syed Layaque Ali, makeup by VikramGaikwad, Costume and Art Direction by ShyamBhutkar and Mohan Ratnaparakhi and editing by NitinMadhukarRokade.

One of Maharashtra's most respected & popular leaders will be in theaters all over Maharashtra from March 14 onwards.

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