Essel Vision's Elizabeth Ekadashi is Best Indian Film of the year

Gloriously winning the 'Best Film' title at three major awards FIPRESCI, MaTaa Sanmaan and Zee Gaurav, Elizabeth Ekadashi makes it to one of most acclaimed & successful films of the year. Its name created a wave of interest and curiosity in viewers few months back. Elizabeth Ekadashi is a nostalgic portrayal of childhood facing greater realities of life and children trying to cope up preserving their innocence in middle of chaotic social drama. And when the film ends it's more than a happy ending. It is a vivid and emotionally colorful voyage.

"The Innocence of the child characters has been brought out most naturally without burdening them too much with the pathos of the social reality which is the bane of independent Indian Cinema" says official FIPRESCI Facebook page.

Paresh Mokashi's Elizabeth Ekadashi Produced by Essel Vision and Mayasabha Productions has come a long way from film festivals to a successful Box Office and now winning three more awards to its credit FIPRESCI's official selection from India for the Best Indian Film of the year, Kohinoor MaTa Sanman 2015 standing Best Film of the year and Best film of the year at prestigious Zee Gaurav.

Being the opening film of IFFI 2014, Elizabeth Ekadashi later won four awards in PIFF 2015 including Best Film award shared by Killa; another Essel Vision film. The film is also going to be screened at reputed international film festivals abroad such as New York Indian Film Festival, Los Angeles Indian Film Festival and Beijing International Film Festival. It also won 4 more awards at MaTaa Sanmaan apart from the Best film including Best Director, Screenplay, Dialogues & Best Child Artists and 3 more awards at Zee Gaurav including Best Director, Best Story and Best Sound Recording.

Finally being chosen as the Best Film from India by International Federation of Film Critics (aka FIPRESCI), one of the most reputed critic's organisations in the world having members belonging to over 50 countries across the globe. It's very propitious to have been appreciated by critics after having well received in theaters by viewers of Maharashtra and beyond.

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