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Jul 18, 2014
EsselWorld adds another international ride Shot N Drop along with Top Spin and The Lagoon at Water Kingdom!

EsselWorld, India's largest amusement park has launched SHOT N DROP - a mega tower attraction. SHOT N DROP is the Tallest Tower Ride in India. The ride is an addition to the attractions offered by the park which is an exhilarating experience for all adrenaline junkies.

Developed by HUSS Park Attractions, Shot N Drop is a 24-seater, featuring Thrilling shot and free fall movements of the gondola; a very modern pneumatic system controls the spectacular ride effects. The ride is encompassed with mesmerizing lights display and special sound effects providing for a thrilling experience to riders. The installation audit and certification is certified and approved by German Technical Control Board TUV.

Shot N Drop ride is constructed as a three-piece lattice mast. In the lower section is the sophisticated pneumatic system with all necessary control valves. The upper tower accommodates the complete rope drive system. Passenger's absolute safety is ensured through type-tested hydraulic brakes, a computer-controlled two-way locking system for each seat, a rope system with two ropes, a wind speed measuring system at the top of the tower, electronic weight control systems for monitoring the varying loads and a backup safety brake system that ensures a safe ride independent of the pneumatic system designed in accordance with DIN 4112 and approved by German Technical Control Board TUV as per international standards.

Along with Shot N Drop, Top Spin was the other latest international addition made to EsselWorld. Top Spin was launched by Jacqueline Fernandez. Top Spin is a revolutionary 2 minutes ride sensation with several moderate-speed loops, flips and swings.

The Lagoon – India's Largest Play Pool was launched by Miss India at Water Kingdom. This massive family attraction is spread over 30,000 sq.ft. and features 10 exciting slides for all age-groups along with other themed attractions like water umbrellas, spinning water wheels, water curtains and a huge tilting elephant bucket.

EsselWorld latest attractions include Copper Chopper (Family attraction), Kangaroo Hop (children attraction) and Monsters in the Mist - International Dark Ride (Family attraction). All the new attractions have received an overwhelming response from the visitors.

Commenting on the new ride launch, Mr. Shirish Deshpande, Chief Executive Officer, Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd. (PIPPL), “Within a few days of the launch Shot N Drop has become the most sought after attraction in the park, taking thrill to an all new level. We at EsselWorld always strive in engaging audiences with new and exciting ways; and hence, we have been continuously introducing new rides at the park. Our twin parks with our latest attractions provide thrills and chills to visitors of all age-groups. This summer season we have also lined up many exciting events and happenings in our new Island of Fun; making us a wholesome entertainment destination.”

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