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Dec 08, 2010
EsselWorld goes greener!

EsselWorld and Water Kingdom, two of India's largest and premier amusement parks take a big step towards their commitment for a cleaner and safer environment as they inaugurated a fully functional Natural Sewage Treatment Plant. This installation is the latest in a series of obligations that EsselWorld have pledged to functioning in a safe and cleaner enviorment.      

The Natural Sewage Treatment Plant is a traditional Reed Bed Systems which finds its origination in modern times in Max Plank Institute, Germany.  Customized to site conditions, it combines the best of various types aerobic, anaerobic and physical. The Reed Bed System employs biotechnology that uses Natural Systems in engineered form for treating wastewater.

Based on research by Prof. Kickuth the Reed Bed System treats wastewater through the abilities of natural wetlands.  It employs three types of microbes:  Anaerobic, facultative and aerobic bacteria all working side by side in natural environment.

Anaerobes microbes thrive where aerobes can't, filling media and plants provide shelter to both. The waste of one is food of other.

The plant installed is technologically highly developed, consisting of a lined tank filled with coarse mixture of high porosity. It uses highly efficient sewage treating bacterial mixture as a supporting media and specially selected acclimatized flowering plants. Roots of plants in association with bacteria give an effective sewage treatment.

The great part of the Reed Bed System is that it functions naturally. It requires no complicated setups, hence omits electricity wastage, costly imported equipments and other moving parts. It is operationally a simple natural system and does not require highly trained manpower for operations and maintenance. This unique power saving systems ensures rejuvenation of the ecosystem and can be easily be modeled into parks and jogging tracks.

Commenting on the inauguration of the Natural Sewage Treatment Plant fortnight Mr. Shirish Deshpande CEO - Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd. (EsselWorld and Water Kingdom) said, “With the installation of the Natural Sewage Treatment Plant we further our efforts towards using green technologies for a sustainable business growth with an environment focus. We hope that more businesses can adopt this setup as it makes a significant contribution towards the conservation of the environment with minimum investment. We see the Natural Sewage treatment Plant as another feather in our cap towards Environment Friendly initiatives."

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