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Nov 11, 2011
EsselWorld provides a helping hand for Traffic Cops!

The DCP's Office at Teen Hath Naka, Thane witnessed the launch of three traffic booths, with a plan to assist the Traffic department. The booths were inaugurated by DCP Dr. Srikant Paropkari, Traffic Department, Thane; Mr. Bhushan Motiani, Head of Marketing & Sales, PIPPL; and  Mr. P.U.Kohinkar, ACP, Thane Branch.

"This booth is part of Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd's (PIPPL) Corporate Social Responsibility initiative and also as an inventive assistance mechanism for the traffic police who work in a most polluted environment," said Mr. Bhushan Motiani, Head of Marketing & Sales, PIPPL.

The three booths will be dedicated to critical traffic junctions at Kapur Bawdi, Brahmand and Narpoli Naka. The booths come as a respite to the traffic policemen who man these various junctions braving the heat, smoke and pollution.

The booths have been designed specifically to provide a refreshing break to the traffic policemen as they inhale a lot of poisonous carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide fumes resulting from fuel combustion in vehicles. It is essential that periodically, that they take a respite and breath naturally in a non-polluted environment. The design of the booths is such that it will facilitate a clear and non-polluted environment for the police to gather their strength and breathe easily.

In the times to come, EsselWorld plans to continuously assist the ever-hard working policemen of Mumbai city to make the streets a safer place for the denizens to drive in.

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