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May 05, 2010
ETC channel Punjabi stands for a cause

ETC channel Punjabi stands for a cause

Earth Day is a great time to plan some fun with education for some action-oriented activities. Celebrating Earth Day by ETC Channel Punjabi on April 22 was indeed a unique way; to showcase classroom environmental education, highlight efforts to green the college facility and engage the whole college community in making a difference. The first-of-its-kind activity by a Punjabi Channel offered ample opportunities to inseminate a campaign and make a tangible environmental impact by the brewing youth of our society.

Green Earth Initiative by the team of Masti Da Funda has compiled a list of fun and meaningful ideas & the required grit to get started. By using the students' creativity to create and share ideas from our list that include actions from each of the Four Pillars of a Green Earth College:

  • Strive to be Toxic-Free: Make your own green cleaners
  • Use Resources Sustainably: Organize a college-wide Swap Meet to reuse items
  • Create Green & Healthy Collegeyards, Serve Healthy Food: Create a container garden & consume healthy food
  • Share, Learn, Engage: Create and distribute a petition to eliminate the use of plastic bags in their community

The CSR activity shall seamlessly enable students to see that their learning is relevant to their world, to take pride in the place in which they live, to connect with the rest of the world in a natural way and to develop into concerned and contributing citizens. Join the MASTI DA FUNDA CLUB for Green Earth initiative on Facebook.

What better place to start than in the place known as college?-Together we shall make the difference

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