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Mar 31, 2010
ETC Punjabi brings an all new season of Laughter House

ETC Punjabi brings an all new season of Laughter House
ETC Channel Punjabi is all set to premiere the second season of Laughter House on April 5, 2010. This will be a half-an-hour comedy show during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) at 7:30 pm. A panel of comedians will perform on rotational basis; noted for their complete lack of tact or pomposity, because they don't take themselves seriously.

The gag series would tend to experiment across the board with parody, offhand humor, random cutaways and short-lived drama. There are role-plays on different real life situations and they shall perform a spoof out of it. They are very real and very funny. Usually; they depict real life but with very common situations that most people understand, so that's probably one of the reasons why more people would love the show.

Making it all the more interactive feedbacks; viewer will be able to participate by sending in their jokes through SMSs, and e-mails. The show is an ETC Channel Punjabi endeavour, to gift giggles and smiles to everyone who chooses to watch the show.

Well, as of the moment, one of the reasons why Laughter House-Season 2 is really fun to watch is that it's updated with the times. The most prominent segment would be their commercial spoofs which feature famous and prominent commercials that are currently aired everyday.

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