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Dec 28, 2010
ETC unveils Bollywood Business Awards 2010 - Evaluating Movie Moghuls

Mumbai, 27th December: India's first Bollywood channel ETC is all set to unveil ETC BOLLYWOOD BUSINESS AWARDS 2010 on 28th December, 2010 at 8:30 PM. The first of its kind awards ceremony in this country; ETC Bollywood Business Awards 2010 will judge Bollywood on the basis of business the industry has generated in year 2010.

The Indian Film Industry has grown multifold over the years. 2010 has seen more than 100 film releases. ETC Bollywood Business Awards 2010 celebrates this augmentation in the industry but with a difference.

Till date, awards were given to the merchants of dream on the basis of their performances but ETC Bollywood Business Awards 2010 is a path breaking initiative that evaluates the industry players on the basis of BO performance.

ETC Bollywood Business Awards 2010 will identify and award on the base of how much money the contender has being able to earn and will take in to consideration the economic quotient as a cornerstone for mapping the success of a movie. This will be the first time in India where an initiative has sought to recognize marketers, distributors, production houses and exhibitors who are equally responsible for the success of a film, in addition to actors, actresses and directors.

"Bollywood is an industry. Every Friday its movies are released and the cine-goers pass verdict whether they buy it or not. And as is common to any other industry, Bollywood should also be judged accordingly. Presently, in India, all those who represent the industry, actors, musicians, directors, et al, have only been judged on creative parameters. No one had thought of evaluating them on how much business they had generated!

Having identified this opportunity in the evaluation system, we decided to explore it. Thus was born the concept of ETC Bollywood Business Awards 2010. Such an evaluation will bring forward the workings of Bollywood as an industry. Behind the shine of glamour and creativity lies a lot of hard work, technical wizardry, marketing and strategic initiatives. Movie making is an art, getting audiences to pay to watch it and make it a hit is commerce. It is our belief that the viewers should appreciate both these facets of Bollywood.” said Anurag Bedi, Business Head, ETC.

With innovative categories such as Marketing (best marketed film of the year), Distribution (special award for film distribution) and Promotion (most successful banner/corporate house/production house of the year), this is one awards initiative that is sure to generate interest amongst the industry as well as the public.

An emotional Ajay Devgn, winner of The Most Profitable Actor (Male) Award said," I normally never go to pick up an award but I am here to take this because this is first business award in Bollywood. Figures talk, you cannot manipulate it, you cannot play games with it. ETC has been very good with their figures; they have been very good with their stuff, so here I am taking this award." The veteran actor has 5 releases under his belt this year and except Aakrosh, all his movies have set the BO registers ringing.

"This is a welcome initiative. The best thing about this initiative is that it is based on facts and figures. The basic parameter of ETC Bollywood Business Awards eliminates any scope of opinions and manipulations while deciding the winner. It is a fair assessment of the recipient's work and his popularity and mass appeal. I appreciate ETC for having come up with an award initiative along such parameters," said an excited Arbaaz Khan, winner of the Most Successful Producer and Top Grossing Film awards, for his runaway hit Dabangg.

In appreciation to Hollywood's growing India connect; ETC Bollywood Business Awards 2010 will also recognize the most successful Hollywood film of the year, with Inception, The Social Network and The Chronicles of Narnia being the front runners.

Movie making is a serious business and ETC will evaluate it like no other!

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