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Apr 26, 2013
Felicitation of Achievers of the Month at ZNL

The secret of any successful organization is its motivated and enthusiastic employees. Appreciation is the one factor that encourages and motivates.

With this approach, ZNL TEAM HR launched its new R & R program – Achievers of the Month in March 2013.

This program enables a 360 feedback process and an employee can be nominated by anyone in the organization. Those nominating can be peers, reporting managers, or HOD's. Each nomination received is further evaluated by R & R committee members and finally vetted by the CEO.

The major highlight of the program is its felicitation ceremony. ZNL CEO, Mr. Alok Agrawal believes that “Where your employees are concerned, one small step makes all the difference” and he made that difference by taking one step from his end to acknowledge all the achievers by visiting them at their workstations and felicitating them in front of their peers.

On 17th April 2013, ZNL held its first felicitation ceremony for March Achievers where each achiever was awarded with a certificate and gift voucher.

Some of reactions of the achievers:

Raj Khurana (Chief Web Designer – Online News): “It is one of the proudest moments of my career to receive an appreciation by CEO himself”.

Similarly Shweta Shandilya (Assistant Producer from Zee Punjabi) said “This is an experience which makes me feels that I belong to a family which loves to appreciate the efforts of its members....”

Ms. Geetanjali Pandit, the Chief People Officer, ZNL said that “this is a significant step to make SAMWAD our practice and not just a philosophy”.

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