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Jan 24, 2014
From Zee Media Corp., an offering that is 'UNCONDITIONALLY AUTO'

At Zee Media Corp., we've pulled out all the stops - to bring you a brand new initiative that focuses on 360-degree coverage of all things automotive. Christened ZEEGNITION, the offering aims to inspire auto-enthusiasts from across categories, no matter what their passion - from vintage to motor sport; from two wheels, to many!

This brand, would be staffed by an exclusive team that has worked extensively within the Indian automotive world over the last two-and-a-half decades, while packing in vital key members of Zee Media Corp.

So what makes ZEEGNITION different?

For one, we aim to begin where the new world goes looking for information – the world wide web; ensuring that the main thrust would be our digital platform - forms the core, from which our print and TV products would feed of, and also conversely deliver back. Our main focus is to cater to the automotive world in a format-neutral approach where nothing would be lost in translation.

 The scope of ZEEGNITION would encompass a motoring programme of the same name across the various Zee media Corp. channels and a weekly print initiative would see a motoring page every Friday in all editions of dna, India's youngest and fastest growing English broadsheet daily.

Set to roll out on 24th of January, we're planning a major automotive thrust to engage our key stakeholders – readers and viewers along with the automotive industry, to strike a fine balance between meaningful content to educate, inform, entertain and walk hand-in-hand for the automotive cause. The brand's endeavor will be supported by comprehensive 360 degree marketing campaign round the year.

Whilst 2014 ushers in renewed growth to the automotive industry, ZEEGNITION undoubtedly will, in the near future, become the vital spark, firing automotive passion that inspires fervour and vigour amidst its fans.

ADIL JAL DARUKHANAWALA , EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - ZEEGNITION  "True, there are media platforms in this country that cater to audiences who are interested in automobiles.

But, never before would these audiences have a cohesive 360-degree access across multiple platforms on anything and everything on wheels that constantly feeds their passion for automobiles. ZEEGNITION is not merely a reservoir of information on cars, bikes, motorsport, technology, vintage & classics and more, it is both a source and a reservoir that originates from a medium that the entire world lives on - the World Wide Web with print and television feeding from it and also at times feeding into it."

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