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Mar 10, 2014
Get access to unbelievable entertainment with "Zing"

From Dish TV, a new brand with the ultimate regional content for Bengali audiences

Dish TV, Asia's largest direct-to-home service provider, has always been at the forefront of development with its path-breaking initiatives. In 2003, when Dish TV, the pioneer in DTH industry, launched India's first DTH service, not many people knew about this technology and how it would change their lives. Now, a decade later, with phase III and IV of digitization around the corner, Dish TV announced the launch of “Zing”, an exciting New Brand which has been specially conceptualized and customized keeping in mind new regional viewers that are moving over to the digital platform.

Zing, a first-of-its-kind idea, is part of Dish TV's strategy to constantly search for newer ways of reaching out to specific viewers and engaging with them through relatable content. With Zing, a customer will now be able to choose from a number of exciting packs which will include all available Bangla channels.

Highlights of Zing:

  • Relevant Content (Maximum regional channels): In Phase III and IV of digitization, consumer demographics have indicated preferences towards regional content. Zing will address this need and provide maximum available regional content (26 Bangla Channels and Services) to viewers through exciting packs as compared to other DTH brands.
  • Enhanced value: With customers getting access to more regional content at price points similar to those of cable services, Zing, with an offer of providing the finest digital picture quality and stereophonic sound at a great value price will make it the first choice of every analog customer looking at going digital.
  • Flexibility: At times, the small town customer is hesitant to call the call-centre or reach out to the company. A lot of Zing customer support issues will get addressed at the local level through empowerment of trade partners.

This special initiative highlights Dish TV's commitment to provide high quality and exceptional services to its customers and will enable it to be the first choice of every DTH subscriber in West Bengal. Zing subscribers are therefore in for an altogether new viewing experience with best and most relevant regional content available at best prices. Also, the essence of the brand is that it celebrates the uniqueness of West Bengal- its culture, heritage and entertainment. It is the first ever brand that is made in Bangla for Bangla by Bangla.

Besides the content all Above-the-Line (ATL) and Below-the-Line (BTL) advertising, packaging and other marketing activities will be available in Bangla.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. R.C. Venkateish, Chief Executive Officer, Dish TV India said, “The cable digitization process has fueled the growth for all DTH operators in the country with more households shifting to a digital base. Dish TV has always been at the forefront of offering unique services and innovative products to its viewers. As industry leaders and pioneers of the DTH sector we are again thrilled to be the first to introduce an entirely new brand Zing for the benefit of our esteemed customers in West Bengal.”

Mr. Salil Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer, Dish TV India added, “TV content consumption preferences are different across various states of India. Zing is a unique initiative where a complete new brand is being launched to address this need for regional content. Now not only will packages cater to specific audiences across states, but even communication will be in the customer's language of choice.”

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