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Jun 22, 2012
Heart of the Art: Tips on Career in Animation was nurtured in Surat, Ranchi and Indore

It's been almost two years since James Cameron's Avatar made its worldwide debut. But the experience of watching it again is almost as spellbinding as it was the first time.

And do you remember how you almost jumped out of your seat watching a scene from the Toy Story series?

The use of animation and VFX has certainly caught the fancy of audiences young and old, and has changed the way entertainment was perceived before.

Trends back home in India are equally promising with at least three or four animated movies being released in popular languages annually. The recent release of Arjuna, the Warrior Prince, is a great step forward for the Indian animation industry. The film is a classic and a quality product of the Indian animation and creative art industry. With the technological revolution hitting the sources of entertainment devices and services, a career in animation is certainly a thing of future. However to provide the right choice for the aspiring students, Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA) had initiated the drive to guide the students about Animation industry as a booming career. The institute had organized a career counseling session for the students of these cities to help them understand and get an inkling of the world of animation & visual effects.

At the ZICA organized career counseling workshop, students received guidance on becoming a successful professional in the field of animation and VFX film making.

Prabhanjan Chappar, Business Head ZICA added "At ZICA we emphasize on the fundamentals of Art, Aesthetics & overall Creativity along with developing strong application skills to make students industry ready."

Boosted by higher demand, the fast-growing Indian animation and gaming industry is expected to be worth $ 2.5 billion (Rs 11,435 crore) in the next three years, says global consultancy Deloitte. According to the estimates, the Indian animation and gaming market was valued at around $ 750 million (Rs 3,430.5 crore) in 2009. The (Indian) industry is expected to be worth $ 2.5 billion by 2013,

The ZICA counselling drive was designed to provide an opportunity for more than 100 students to interact with the experts from animation, VFX and gaming industry. The event highlighted the change in the technology adapted for Indian studios, production houses and the methods by which they are making their mark through national & international projects.  The event also hosted panel of dignitaries from the animation and VFX industry sharing their tips with the students on skill sets and qualities required to build a career in the Animation, VFX and Gaming Industry.

As a part of the example on the evolution of the animation industry, students enjoyed watching few movies highlighting major social issues such as traffic rules and child labour.

Elaborating on the counselling drive Prabhanjan Chapar said, "The program aims to help the students in becoming job-ready. Odyssey 2012 is an apt platform for the students to seek exposure into the actual world of animation & behind the screen working. The seminar focuses on educating the talented youth of these cities about the wide range of career prospects provided by the animation industry."

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