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Oct 14, 2010
'Is Tyohaar Paryavaran se pyaar', a Zee News Initiative

Every festival fills our hearts with joy and this joy doubles when the celebration is in harmony with the environment. This festive season, Zee News has initiated an awareness campaign - 'Is Tyohaar Paryavaran Se Pyar' with the support of Zee Turner. This initiative has been taken with an objective to celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly manner and engaging members of the society by encouraging them to take concrete action towards this positive change.

A nationwide campaign has been launched for this initiative. Zee News is running the campaign promos not only on its platform but also across the nation to widen its reach. Zee News has specially designed a contest where best ideas to celebrate festivals in an eco friendly manner will be rewarded during the campaign period.

Zee News is to feature special programming on celebrating festivals in eco friendly manner to encourage people to get involved and act. This will also help the channel establish itself as a credible news channel.

The campaign has also garnered support from the nation's leading celebrities like Bipasha Basu and Ajay Devgn. Several ground events have also been planned as a part of the campaign.

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