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Apr 18, 2011
It's Tendulkar Vs Dhoni on Sportshero – Head on Challenger

Sportshero launches 2 new games with daily cash prizes. We are sure you all had a great time following and playing the world cup on! What a great moment for all Indians and sportshero users, to see the magnificent men in blue, emerge champions of the world.
India's biggest pillars of strength Dhoni and Sachin were instrumental in India's win! Now they play in opposite teams in T20 league cricket. Not only them but other stalwarts like Yuvraj, Gambhir and Sehwag too are head-on against Dhoni and Sachin in the T20 jamboree.
With cricket taking this lovely turn to club cricket! How can your favorite gaming destination stay behind? Yes here we are with a brilliant new game - Head On Challenger.
Like the on-field T20 league that sets up these iconic Indian cricketers and their T20 teams against each other; Head on Challenger, challenges you to make your prediction by pitching these magnificent cricketers and their teams against each other. Every T20 match forms a competition offering you Rs 1000 /match.
That is not all! It's a double bonanza on Sportshero.
On popular demand of its revered users, has another exciting daily prize game Hat-trick Predictor. 3 standard questions per T20 match, 5 spread answer options- make your predictions and walk away with another Rs 1000 daily cash prize/match.
With over 50 T20 matches, scheduled for the next month and half, time is opportune to use your sport gaming skills to fill in the cash coffers.
Along with the two new games perennially popular Sportshero games, Cricket predictor & Dream Run, EPL Predictor, EPL Dream Run & Spot the ball are back, offering you more opportunities to add to your gaming bounty.
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