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May 11, 2012
ItzGift extends its appreciation to all the mothers

One of the key defining features for us, throughout our lives, is our relationship with our mothers. They are our guiding force and the biggest influence on our conscious as well as sub-conscious self, shaping our lives and our personalities and our even our future to some extent. Here are some ideas to make Mother's Day just about perfect for that very special lady in your life.

Cookbook and Dinner Table Gift Set
All Moms love to cook, especially for their children. Even if they don't particularly like cooking, (and we speak from personal experience here) they are sure to enjoy Cookbooks and Cookery shows by the latest chef on the block! A personalized dinner set available, the latest cookbook or a DVD collection of Sanjeev Kapoor's latest exploits on the kitchen floor are sure to make her happy. A perfect way to let her chose have the best of pickings would be to gift her Voucher from Lifestyle, Westside, Home Stop through our dedicated gifting channel, ItzGift (
Home Gardens For Mother
Quite a few mothers loves gardening and with a vengeance! they might not really blessed with a green thumb but that does not stop them from slaving away for hours over the tender timbers growing on our balcony. With the ever decreasing home space, the need for welcoming greens inside our homes is more prominent than ever. Home-gardening is a trend that is fast catching up with people who want to balance the indoors with the serene clam of unpolluted outdoors (a distant dream for many of us city dwellers). A gift voucher from Home Stop, through Essel Group's very own dedicated Gifting channel ItzGift (www.itzgift.cin), should have her green leanings well and truly satisfied!   

For the trendy mother who juggles work and home perfectly
We all know that working Moms probably have it the toughest, emotionally and physically, while trying to juggle duties as responsible professionals as well as loving nurturers.  Give her a Mother's Day present which will make a life easier for her to navigate through! For instance, a smartphone or iPad may just be the thing for her. The adage 'Dress Smart, work Smart' hold true in today's highly competitive world. Accessories such as a trendy hand bag, the latest  pair of goggles, a signature pen or a classic wrist watch might just help her snag that the next big deal at her company, all thanks to you! Gift Vouchers from Pantaloons, Inglot, Chroma, Tanishq, Nine West among multiple other offerings on our dedicated gift channel, ItzGift ( could be just the perfect gift for her this Mother's Day.

So armed with these unique gift ideas, go ahead and make the day well and truly special for the most special lady in your life. Call us on 022-61125757 or visit us on to celebrate Mother's Day armed with just that perfect gift for your mom.

This mother's day ItzGift extends its appreciation to all the mothers. Buy Choice Gift Card worth Rs. 2000/- and above and get a Choice Gift Card worth Rs. 250/- absolutely free.

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