IVI! Channel gets the annual national award Healthy Eating for contributing to the promotion of healthy eating in the media

Healthy Eating - is an annual public significant award, designed to attract public attention to the problem of health in general and nutrition in particular. Awarding held within the Taste of Health festival, organized by social projects and programs and supported by Nutrition Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Moscow government.

"The global problem of modern society - is a worsening food structure. The consequences of this terrible violation - a pandemic, obesity, and diabetes. What to do? One solution to this problem is to create products of specified quality. Production of a healthy diet helps to solve this problem. But there should be demand for these products. That is to teach consumers to search and find these products, and to encourage industry to produce healthy products. This bi-unity of objectives and outcome - a healthy society and the prolongation of life", - shares his vision Victor Tutelian, director of the Nutrition Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.

"We are very proud to win such a meaningful award, become one of the 14 leading companies who have made a significant contribution to the promotion and advancement of healthy eating ideas", - says Leonid Yurgelas, JIVI! Channel and wellness portal CEO.

JIVI! is a 24hour Health & Entertainment Channel about beauty, diets, fitness disciplines and secrets to lead long and healthy life. This unique wellness project also offers its viewers the largest Health and Lifestyle Portal in Russia where they can find expert advices in all spheres of healthy lifestyle: articles about workout and beauty, fitness video library for practicing at home.

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