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Sep 09, 2015
JIVI! channel launchesa new show 'Kakie nashi rody?' with Tutta Larsen

This fall JIVI! launches a new local project - "Kakie nashi rody?" (Get ready for the due date!) with Tutta Larsen. The premiere program will take place on September 12.  In the show the famous TV-host will give answers to the key questions bothering women during pregnancy.

"Kakie nashi rody?" is a project focusing on issues of pregnancy, maternity and childbirth. Can you have sex when pregnant, how much does it cost to deliver a baby, how to train intimate muscles, what should be taken to maternity hospital and whether or notto use epidural anesthesia - Tutta Larsen will getanswers to these and other questions from the best specialists on air of the JIVI! TV channel.

Tutta had the idea of creating the "Kakie nashi rody?" show while she was expecting her third baby. The project aims to facilitate the life of future mothers who every day try to find answers on the internet instead of asking professionals.

Originally the project was created for TUTTA.TV Internet channel which was launched in May 2015. "Thanks to the "JIVI!" TV channel whose mission is similar to the concept of the project, my show is now available also on TV. If the first season of the show is focused on issues of pregnancy and childbirth, in later shows we will speak about maternity, upbringing and psychology of family relations." - the TV-host Tutta Larsen says.

"Kakie nashi rody?" is more than a show. Оn our website in the "CHILDREN" section,the project's page will be launched on which everyone may ask Tutta Larsen questions and get answers on line. Moreover, shows of the next seasons will be focused on the most frequently asked questions.


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