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Dec 08, 2015
Living Foodz blends the Art and Science of Cooking in a New Show 'Kitchen Magic'

The show will bring professional and innovative global cooking techniques to the home kitchen for the first time

The festive season just got more exciting for food lovers! Living Foodz, the premium foodtainment channel, is launching 'Kitchen Magic' on December 7, 2015; Monday & Tuesday at 3 PM. The first of its kind show will showcase how advanced cooking techniques can be easily replicated within the home.

"We at Living Foodz set out to be a pioneer in the food and lifestyle space on Indian television by adopting a 360 degree approach to food. Kitchen Magic achieves this in the most innovative manner. It will help to enrich the daily experience of cooking by empowering people with the technical skills to make food more nutritious and flavourful", adds Amit Nair, Business Head of Living Foodz.

The first of its kind show will see Chef Gautam Mehrishi demonstrate a variety of scientific cooking methods that enhance the cooking experience as well as the flavor of food, whilst preserving its nutritive value. Some of the unusual techniques that will be featured are the use of the soda siphon, the novel sous vide method of cooking in vacuum, native American Delta-T cooking and pit style steaming.

The show also has a strong informative element that will be especially appealing for home cooks who aspire to enhance their knowledge about the science behind cooking secrets that have been passed down over generations and invented of late. It will also help them understand newer culinary skills that are in vogue across the world for their health benefits.

"As someone who has experimented with food even as a young boy, I had a great time helping to put Kitchen Magic together. Through the show, I get a rare chance to demonstrate interesting cooking techniques. The show is a beautiful amalgamation of the highly complex science and art of cooking," said Gautam.

'Kitchen Magic' is a landmark show in the premium food entertainment space. It is the first demonstrative show to provide food lovers with technical skills that that promise to make the home cooking experience healthier and more scrumptious.

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