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Mar 18, 2015
MDFA & Mumbai FC conduct Girls Grassroots Festival at St. Xavier's, Parel

Mumbai FC partnered with the MDFA to conduct a Girls Grassroots Festival on a fine Sunday Morning at St. Xavier's Ground - Lower Parel.

The festival saw girls from various NGOs and schools participate in fun based activities under the guidance of a team of women coaches. The fest was conducted on the back of the Women's day and well celebrated by the participants as it proved to be a morning full of fun.

The Ground was divided into eight different sections and each section had a group of kids indulging in mini-football related games. The groups were sorted age-wise to maintain parity amongst the participants. Towards the end the girls were sorted into teams and were pit against each other to play a couple of matches.

Coach Lawrence kept pepping up the kids from the sidelines as he overlooked the entire proceedings. Mr. Souter Vaz (Hon. Gen. Secretary - Western India Football Association), Mr. Digambar Kandarkar (President - MDFA) and Mr. Udayan Banejee (Hon. Gen. Secretary - MDFA) graced the event with their presence.

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