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Feb 24, 2011
Mount Litera World Preschool in partnership with KidzArt, invites you for - Expressions 2011

Thomas Edison once said "The greatest invention in the world is the mind of a child". Every child is a creative being. The closer we come to nurturing that creativity in our children, the greater is the potential of raising a global network of happy, effective adults.

With this in mind, Mount Litera World Preschool in partnership with KidzArt is proudly hosting 'EXPRESSIONS'-2011, an opportunity for young minds of age 1.5-12 yrs to showcase their creativity on 27th February 2011 at the Mount Litera World Preschool Gallery; Lokhandwala, Mumbai. It will allow children to 'Explore' different tools to 'Express' their creative self and 'Enjoy' the experience as an artist. The objective of this event is to encourage young children to create their own symbols for the world around them and allow us invaluable insight into their thoughts and feelings.

We are highly privileged to invite your children and those of your friends and neighbors to participate in this event. Also look forward to meeting you and your family members at the showcase.

Activity Dates for Children to participate: 14th - 24th Feb, 2011 (Contact: Shivani - 9769154645, for registration details)
Age Group: 1.5 - 12 yrs (special batches for mother and child of age group 1.5 - 3 yrs)
Showcase: 27th February, 2011
Time: 11am - 1pm.

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