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May 14, 2015
Mumbai FC and CSL to conduct Grassroots Festival on AFC Grassroots Day

Keeping in mind the vision to develop football in the city and promote the game amongst the youth, Mumbai FC and Colaba Super League (CSL) will be conducting a Grassroots Festival at Cooperage Backgarden Football Ground on Friday - 15th May, 2015 to celebrate the AFC Grassroots Day.

The Backgarden Ground is the venue where the CSL in association with Mumbai FC is being held and will see over a 100 kids of the age group 6 to 12 years old participate in the festival.

Football equipment for this event will be provided by Nivia.


CSL's Chairman, Krishna Pawle said, "The Festival is being conducted in accordance to our vision to develop football in Mumbai. The CSL started last month and we also held a CSL women's tournament where over 40 girls participated. The Grassroots Festival will see over 100+ kids participate which only defines how popular football is becoming."

The festival will be supervised by Mumbai FC's Head of Youth Development - Kundan Chandra – who will also have 10 Grassroots Leaders (Coaches) working alongwith him.

Chandra explained the importance of conducting Grassroots festivals, "Mumbai FC have been conducting Grassroots Festival across the city. It is important to give the children football education. Not only does it help raise football's popularity but it sets a base to maybe even carve a career out of football. We aim to create 'Young-stars' in Indian football."

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