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May 17, 2016
Mumbai FC and MDFA celebrate AFC Grassroots Football Day

Mumbai District Football Association (M.D.F.A) and I-League club Mumbai Football Club joined hands  to celebrate AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Grassroots Football Day on May 15th, 2016 at St. Xavier's ground, Parel.  An approximate 100 children from the age group of 6-12 years (Boys and Girls) assembled to be part of a one-day event planned to educate the participants on Football. The players practiced exercises and basic skills, and played small-sided games (SSG).

The 2 hour-long grassroots festival was organized by Mumbai F.C and carried-out successfully under the dutiful watch of Mumbai F.C's Head of Youth Development and Assistant Coach, Kundan Chandra and Bodyline F.C's Head Coach, John Marcellus. Alongside were the helping hands of Licensed Instructors, volunteers from the M.D.F.A and parents of the participating children.

Volunteers Chandra Kewdan, Amit, Sudeep, Marshall, Chauhan, Rohit Mourya, Krishna, Avishkar, Aditya Ukale, Krishna Iyer, Abdul, Ajay, Rohan and Aniket Singh instructed the players on various drills, exercises and decision making situations. "We need to work on the physical and the psychological ability of the children; for them to cope under situations by formulating correct decisions at a given time," said Kundan Chandra.

"We should acknowledge the enthusiasm of the kids who have turned-up to be a part of the festival. The M.D.F.A have and will continue to develop the grassroots in the city," expressed M.D.F.A's Hon. Secretary Udayan Banerjee.

The growing popularity for the sport in Mumbai amongst the youth has no competition in the country, arguably. But it remains a pending opportunity for the M.D.F.A and the clubs in the city to grasp upon by providing education and spreading awareness to parents and their children.

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