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Mar 13, 2012
National Safety Week Celebrated At Shirpur Gold Refinery Plant

Shirpur Gold Refinery Ltd. celebrated 2nd National Safety week from March 1 to 3, 2012 at SGRL.

During the three day celebrations several competitions were held in which employees and their families took part in large numbers. The competitions included Safety Slogan, Essay writing on 'Role of the employee in safety in industry', poetry writing and poster making on industrial safety, for executives and workers.

On the occasion of prize distribution, senior members of the managerial team addressed the workers and executives and conveyed the importance of safety at work, on road and at home. Some practical examples were told to the gathering to put emphasis on practicing safety at all places.

Through these exercises during the Safety Week many objectives were achieved, some of them being;

1. Creating Awareness

2. Imparting education / training

3. Root Cause Analysis – By identifying causes of a system failure & correction of deficiencies

4. Detailed examination  - For dangerous situation

5. Detailed examination - For flaw

6. Implementation of standard protocols and procedures – To conduct activities in a known way

7. Self-imposition of regulations of various types

8  Safety communications - To maintain a high level of awareness on safety

The Safety Committee Members declared the winning names for various competitions held during National Safety Week. In order to appreciate their effort and for motivation of every individual, certificate and prizes to the winners of various competitions were awarded. The winners read their poems and safety slogans for the benefit of the staff. The safety posters were displayed in the meeting hall for all to see.

The list of winners included;

SGRL Safety Week 1st to 3rd March

Best Safety Poem


Mr Dinesh Dhakad (Lab boy)


First Runner Up

Mr Nitin Jadhav (Engg Dept)


Second Runner Up

Mr Hemant Shiral (Lab)

Best Safety Essay

Winner (executive)

Mr Sharad Patil (for executive) - Lab

First Runner Up

Mr Rahul Survase (for executive) -Prodn Dept

Winner (worker)

Mr Nitin Wani (for worker) - Prodn


First Runner Up

Mr Deepak Pawar (for worker) - Engg Dept

Best Safety Slogan


Mr Mukesh Goyal  (Accounts)

First Runner Up

Mr Ajhar Pathan (Production Dept)


Second Runner Up

Mr Dinesh Dhakad (Lab boy)

Best Safety Poster


Mr Shahid Pathan (Brother of Mr Ajhara Pathan- Engg Dept.)


First Runner Up

Ku Dhananjay Pawar (Daughter of Mr. Deepak Pawar– Engg Dept.)


Second Runner Up

Ku Bhavyaraj Solanki (Son of Mr Kiransinh Solanki- Lab)

Safety committee of SGRL

Plant level—

Kiransinh Solanki( Lab in charge&,coordinator),Raman Bhajipale( Asst.Manager- Engg.-Mech.), Saiyyad Allaudin(Shift-In charge),Hemant Chaudhari( IT Executive)

Unit Level-

Milind P.Pradhan( AVP-Commercial& in charge HR at plant), Sanjay Patil( Head- Fact.Operations)

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