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Jan 03, 2011
New Year wishes from Nation's No. 1 News Network, Zee News

Zee News Ltd wishes its viewers a prosperous New Year. This year's hard work has paid off and we are proud to say that the Nation's largest news network is also Nation's No.1 News network (Source: TAM CS AM M 25+, All India, 2010).


Zee News Ltd reaches its viewers nationwide as well as in regional segments like Punjab, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and the Hindi cow belt.


In 2011 too, Zee News Ltd will be dedicated to staying true to the yardstick of excellence for our viewers and bringing to them the true values of constructive journalism. The network will continue to dish out authentic, serious news and programming. Our effort to raise the benchmark in the industry will remain our committed endeavor as we strive to meet our goal to

“Engage, Inform, Empower”.

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